About Commission

My pencil arts are products of inspiration coming from my own thoughts, feelings, and personal memories. I draw them when I’m driven by an urge. Therefore, I can not accept any kinds of commissions.

For the same reason, I am currently not taking any commissions of pencil arts for album covers, band merchandises and tattoo designs. I have taken commissions for artworks of death metal bands for more than 20 years. It has been great and satisfying and I am thankful for being able to do that. However, from now on, I’d like to focus on making my own art. I still make a few artworks for bands, but they are all limited to CG arts using editors such as Photoshop. For the pencil art, I strongly wish to draw freely without any limitations.

Some clients ask for pencil-like drawings for CG arts. That’s not acceptable either. My CG arts and pencil arts are two completely different things. Please understand that my pencil arts are created by my free will.

New Work

This is my brand-new piece!

This artwork is also made using only white pencils on the wet black paper stretched on the cradled panel. None of any black coloring materials is used. I use several types of white pencils from different makers. For instance, a highly bright white pencil is used to create the highlight for eyes.

A layer of acrylic paint is spread antecedently to preserve the board. That is the reason why some black paint is visible on the back side of the board. Once it is dried, the wet black paper is stretched onto it. I’m using the blackest paper I can find in Japan for this.

The watercolor tapes are applied to cover stapled parts to make the surface even. In this way, even the back side of the product looks clean and beautiful.

The special fixative spray is repeatedly used to make erasure traces inconspicuous. This results color to shift slightly so I repeat the process of drawing and spraying until it reaches the degree of perfect color development.

The artwork is drawn with much more details than it appears in these photos. However, these are the best pictures I can make so far. Please note that it is extremely difficult to take a photograph of something black at close range. The camera mistakes the black color to a night scene or something and it causes the picture to whiten and blur entirely. To avoid that, I hang my artworks on the white wall and take pictures from distance. If you know any better ways to take dark pictures good, please let me know.

Toshihiro Egawa

About Shipping

Now, packages may not be delivered to some areas from Japan because of the coronavirus.

I can’t ship to the countries below at the moment.
Canada, Russia, Mongolian, Indo, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia

Also, we don’t use the sea mail for safety of the package reasons.

Your understanding is appreciated.

Toshihiro Egawa

About shipping

Thank you for always watching my artwork.

Due to effect of the coronavirus, it appears the delivery will take a while than usual.

Depending on the situation of the destination, it will take about 10 days at the earliest and about 1 month at the latest.

I appreciate your understanding.


Work in progress of a horizontally long piece

As the title says, this is the work in progress of a horizontally long piece.

I’m going to add more details now.

It will be finish soon.

I am excited to represent the skulls and horns that emerge from the darkness.

Maybe already you know but, drawing what emerges from the darkness has become the most important theme for me through my near-death experience.

I feel very significant and happy to have this method and to continue it.


Work in progress… (M8/455 × 273 mm/17.91 x 10.75 in)