Drawing art with a white color pencil on stretched watercolor paper on a wooden board(530 × 455 mm/20.87 x 17.91 in)


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The statement for this art

This title, “Impermanence,” may feel familiar to everyone. Personally, as I experienced my wife’s death and cardiac arrest, it’s one of the major themes. The model of this picture is fighting cancer now. But that’s not why I chose her as the model. I hope my art inspires people to rethink that there is nothing in this universe that lasts forever, and that is to say, “Impermanence” is universal to all people.
In my eyes, “Impermanence” reflects the evanescence of life and the fragile beauty of humans. I wish to create artworks where people can feel such things.

Year of Completion : July  05, 2022

Medium : White pencil, Black paper, Cradled wooden panel, White pencil powder

Size : 530 × 455 mm/20.87 x 17.91 in

White pencil drawing on the stretched watercolor paper on the cradled panel.


*With authenticity certificate attached
*This art does not include the reproduction right and the right to sell a reproduction.
*It’s an original artwork of one of a kind.


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Weight 901 g