[Q] Do you ship overseas?

[A] YES, sure.

[Q] How much does it cost to ship overseas?

[A] It depends on ship to and the total weight you ordered. You can try to check the shipping cost on this webstore when registering the address. For example, that will be about $9 If you ordered a F0 size piece and live in New York State.

[Q] How many days does it take to arrive?

[A] Actually it depends on where ship to the country and the region. For example, that will take about 7 days If send it to New York State(From Gifu, Japan).

[Q] Tell me about the shipping method.

[A] We use Japan Post’s “Registered AIR Small PACKET” service it’s called e-packet in Japan. That’s cheaper and it takes a little longer time than EMS, however that is very safe and reliable.

[Q] Do I have to prepare for any art frame?

[A] I recommend that. It will confer protection against dust, humidity and scratch in everyday life.

[Q] Is there anything I have to take care of the art?

[A] Please be careful of humidity as well as scratch If especially that’s art which used on paper. And also be careful of direct daylight and increased illumination. I recommend that you have to purchase a frame fits to the size of the art.

Please use a soft brush when you clean up the dust on the surface. 

[Q] Can I buy the art to use it for band’s merchandise?

[A] I don’t sell any fine-art to use it for band’s merchandise.

[Q] Can I order some custom art?

[A] I don’t get any custom of fine-art(Pencil, oil and all handmade which origial art).