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New Biography

I started my career in 1999, drawing cover arts for death metal bands. For more than 20 years, I have worked with numerous bands from all over the world. I focused on realism and taught myself how to portray people anatomically during this era. I proceeded to draw based on iconographies of death and pictures of dead bodies. Furthermore, I lost my wife to cancer, experienced cardiac arrest, and was saved from death. These things made me think about “Death” evermore. Naturally, “Memento Mori” became the central theme for my fine arts. I draw only using white pencils on black paper. It is like finding light in the darkness, releasing from negative feelings and pressures that accumulate in society. It is a fundamental method for me when I try to express the deep darkness of “Impermanence” that no one can dispute. It is also a question about the value of life and existence in society. I was influenced by many historical drawings, predominantly Christian paintings in western Europe, surrealism art, Gustave Doré, Francis Bacon, Francisco de Goya (Black paintings), Caravaggio, and Zdzisław Beksiński.