About Commission

My pencil arts are products of inspiration coming from my own thoughts, feelings, and personal memories. I draw them when I’m driven by an urge. Therefore, I can not accept any kinds of commissions.

For the same reason, I am currently not taking any commissions of pencil arts for album covers, band merchandises and tattoo designs. I have taken commissions for artworks of death metal bands for more than 20 years. It has been great and satisfying and I am thankful for being able to do that. However, from now on, I’d like to focus on making my own art. I still make a few artworks for bands, but they are all limited to CG arts using editors such as Photoshop. For the pencil art, I strongly wish to draw freely without any limitations.

Some clients ask for pencil-like drawings for CG arts. That’s not acceptable either. My CG arts and pencil arts are two completely different things. Please understand that my pencil arts are created by my free will.